Casa Rural Albaricoques Rural


Outdoors: Terraces and common areas

¨Albaricoques Rural¨ is composed of a set of six charming and totally independent Mediterranean style country cottages. All of them fully equipped with spacious terrace. There is also one dwelling annexed to the main building, which was the former “Cortijada” (the old Andalusia farmhouse), which is currently the owner’s home. This dwelling does not include an individual terrace but it does have access to the rest of the terraces on the property, which boast beautiful olive trees all around.

The entire complex of buildings: the little houses and the main house are distributed in such a way as to resemble a small Mediterranean village. The entire propertymeasures approximately 2500 sq. meters, and the dwellings are distributed on raised terraces whose walls are built from local stone, and the property is full of olive trees, almond trees and indigenous plants. The entire villa has abundant open spaces, large gardens and many beautiful corners, each with its own charm that invite you to experience the tranquility, peace and relaxation of Andalusia.


All of our cottages are insulated from heat and designed to be breathable in order to maintain pleasant cool temperatures inside, just as water stays cool inside of an earthen jug (botijo), therefore avoiding the need for air conditioning, which is so harmful in so many ways to human health and which would also necessitate an energy output that goes against our criteria of sustainable development and the use of renewable and clean energy. Instead of wasteful air conditioning, the cottages have been equipped with high-efficiency, low-energy fans and with awning-style windows to allow for cross-ventilation during the summer months and thus guaranteeing a cool environment inside the rooms. Each of the cottages is equipped with radiant floor heating throughout the interior surface of the house, along with a cast-iron wood-burning fireplace as a back-up system in order to ensure comfortable temperatures during the coldest winter months, along with sanitary hot water. All the heat is generated in a clean and efficient way by a large solar platform, and is also backed up by a gas boiler, which guarantees us a pleasant temperature even on days when the sun doesn´t provide enough natural warmth. One of the buildings is fully equipped to provide easy access and to ensure a pleasant and comfortable stay for our disabled guests. At ¨Albaricoques Rural¨ we do welcome pets, but only upon prior consultation with the owner, who is also a D.V.M (Doctor in Veterinary Medicine).

Layout of our cottages

All of our cottages enjoy their own absolute independence, with ample space and with wonderful views of the sunset with its ever-changing stunning beauty. Each dwelling is simple and elegant, equipped with a double bedroom with built-in wardrobe, independent full bathroom and a fully equipped living-room/kitchen area with sink, vitro-ceramic plates, refrigerator-freezer and cooking gear, portable cloth rack, umbrella etc. All tableware is hand-crafted by the local artisans from Nijar, a charming local village nearby.
The bedrooms have ceiling fans with multiple speeds, light settings and remote control. All the rooms, including the bathroom, are equipped with radiant floor heating. There is a cast-iron wood-burning stove in the living room/kitchen area. On the outside of each building you will find an individual large terrace with mature trees already in place, mostly olive trees, where you can enjoy a friendly chat, a good book or just the pleasure of silence, interrupted only by the singing of birds or the bleating of sheep during the day and the chirping of crickets or the hooting of owls at night.